Front Office Coordinator

Full Time position
Raleigh, North Carolina

Primary Responsibilities: 

Job Description

The front office coordinator is at the heart of the office. Therefore, communication and customer service skills are essential.

The front office coordinator is, first and foremost, a coordinator; his or her job is to ensure that all interactions between administrations, employees, customers and outside services run as smoothly as possible. This job entails two distinct responsibilities: customer service and correspondence.

Front desk coordinators make appointments, manage schedules, take and process payments. Their primary goal is to effectively and efficiently manage the lobby or greeting area of their employer's business while maintaining professional standards.

Additionally, the front desk coordinator is entrusted with correspondence. They send and receive both regular mail and e-mail, answer phones, order supplies, deal with billing, maintenance and security procedures and manage the efforts of other employees. In addition, they generally perform clerical duties such as data entry, inventory and other paperwork. In all of these capacities, the front desk coordinator is expected to act with the same knowledge and professionalism used when interacting with clients or prospective clients.

Front desk coordinators only requires a high school diploma or GED. Associate's degree programs for this profession are a plus.

Main duties include: Interact, greet, and communicate current status and changes in information with clients, and respond to any inquiries. Assist with billing, accounting, and collections, including ordering supplies and maintaining inventory. Manage internal documents and databases, and create standardized organization systems. Facilitate client-centered meetings, events, or appointments. 

Requirements: Customer Service and Coordination Skills.